California Standards for the Teaching Profession: Standard Two
2.1 Creating a physical environment that engages all students
2.2 Establishing a climate that promotes fairness and respect
2.3 Promoting social development and group responsibility
2.4 Establishing and maintaining standards for student behavior
2.5 Planning and implementing classroom procedures and routines that support student learning
2.6 Using instructional time effectively

The Great Cookie Bake-Off

 I made cookies with my class recently. Why bake in school, you make ask. Two reasons: a science project referenced the texture of cookie dough, and some of the kids did not know what it would look like, and because it was a fun project. I find that many kids these days are either not included in the cooking process at home, or they live in a family that does little cooking from scratch. It is good for them to learn how to follow a recipe, and see all the math that is involved in the process.

 I had one student run back from her desk after putting the first batch in the oven to tell me how many cookies we would have total. Considering that she has struggled greatly with math, I was surprised. She then asked if she could show me how she did it by writing it on the board, and then figure out how many cookies each child would get. It impresses me how much children can do if they are interested in the topic. This is definetly something I want to do in my own classroom.

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