California Standards for the Teaching Profession: Standard Three
3.1 Demonstrating knowledge of subject matter content and student development
3.2 Organizing curriculum to support student understanding of subject matter
3.3 Interrelating ideas and information within and across subject matter
3.4 Developing student understanding through instructional strategies that are appropriate to the subject matter
3.5 Using materials, resources, and technologies to make subject matter accessible to students

The students you see here are on their first day of observation with mirrors. They explored standards-based science concepts first-hand, then wrote about them in a formal, scientific way.
Later, the students used their understanding of light and mirrors to build kaleidoscopes. Students also employed other genres of writing, including fiction, poetry, and scientific description.
During the unit, students worked cooperatively to connect their new knowledge to their understanding. Many developed new "kaleido" inventions and are currently in the process of building them.
Other subjects that tied into this unit were mathematics, social science, and language arts.
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