California Standards for the Teaching Profession: Standard Three
3.1 Demonstrating knowledge of subject matter content and student development
3.2 Organizing curriculum to support student understanding of subject matter
3.3 Interrelating ideas and information within and across subject matter
3.4 Developing student understanding through instructional strategies that are appropriate to the subject matter
3.5 Using materials, resources, and technologies to make subject matter accessible to students

       In my initial student teaching, the first lesson I taught was an incorporated lesson of language arts and scientific inquiry. It was an all-around standards-based project that became a treasured part of the week for the class. Students took turns placing a mystery item in the box, then sharing a single-sentance clue with the class. The box could be investigated, but not opened. Then, the students each announced their hypothesis on the contents of the box and their reasoning. The most scientifically accurate hypothesis was rewarded with posession of the box. 
       Students quickly became aware of how important their choice of words were. It was a wonderful way to underscore the importance of accuracy in science. The single lesson soon grew to an entire unit on scientific inquiry, including lessons on fingerprinting and chromotography.
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