California Standards for the Teaching Profession: Standard Three
3.1 Demonstrating knowledge of subject matter content and student development
3.2 Organizing curriculum to support student understanding of subject matter
3.3 Interrelating ideas and information within and across subject matter
3.4 Developing student understanding through instructional strategies that are appropriate to the subject matter
3.5 Using materials, resources, and technologies to make subject matter accessible to students

First grade students working through a tutorial
in Kidpix, to be followed with a connected 
language arts experience.
Technology in schools is a fast-growing phenomena for many reasons. I see it as an incredible method for incorporating many subject matters in the classroom. It is also a growing source for research information in virtually every field. Website publishing, Hyperstudio presentations, and other multimedia projects are a wonderful way for students to create a rich presentation of what they have learned through their studies.

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